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How Energy Florida is Building America's Innovation Economy

Energy Florida focuses its efforts through organized and distinct programs. While these programs are interconnected, each functions on its own with specific goals and objectives. Please explore our program areas to learn more:

Florida Aerospace Propulsion Supply Chain

Florida is America's industrial arsenal as well as its launch pad - our state's aerospace supply chain is incredibly robust and diverse. Energy Florida has developed and maintains an active network of these suppliers and capabilities. Our team is working with partners across the nation to develop dialogues and resources that will support the further growth and development of the aviation, aerospace propulsion and commercial space industry in Florida and across the United States.
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CAPE Consortium for Advanced Production and Engineering of Gas Turbines

The Consortium for Advanced Production and Engineering of Gas Turbines and Rotating Machinery (CAPE) is enabling and accelerating the next generation of advanced turbine technologies for power generation, propulsion, and industrial applications. Through active dialogue and collaboration across a diverse technical community spanning the United States and its allies, the CAPE and its partners are working to ensure America's continued pre-eminence in this critically important strategic technology sector.
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Energy Florida Financing and Business Solutions

Energy Florida has extensive experience in supporting finance solutions for corporate growth, energy efficiency and power generation, distribution and storage projects, as well as new manufacturing technologies and facilities.
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TEST Hub: Advanced Transportation and Energy Technology Demonstration and Commercialization at NASA Kennedy Space Center

The Transportation, Energy, and Space Technology (TEST) Hub is an innovative and groundbreaking public-private partnership located at NASA's Kennedy Space Center that supports community-scale testing and demonstration of next generation technologies across a range of applications.
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We strive to build a dynamic, high growth and sustainable energy economy to accelerate the transformation of Florida and the United States

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