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About Energy Florida:

Energy Florida is an industry-led 501c(3) non-profit association building unique energy-related advanced manufacturing and technology demonstration capabilities that support economic development across the state of Florida, the Southeastern US and the “near abroad” (Latin America and the Caribbean).

One of Energy Florida's major areas of focus is advanced turbine technologies and manufacturing processes. Energy Florida is coordinating the NIST Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortium (AMTech) for Advanced Turbine Manufacturing Technologies - the Consortium for Advanced Production and Engineering of Gas Turbines and Rotating Machinery (CAPE). The CAPE consortium includes the Gas Turbine Association, the national association for the gas turbine manufacturing industry including most of the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in advanced gas turbines, as well as many firms within the turbine manufacturing supply chain, and related research universities across the country.

The Consortium for Advanced Production & Engineering (CAPE) is outlining the necessary steps for developing new industrial materials, testing standards and certification parameters enabling the introduction of new materials into the manufacture of gas turbines and rotating machinery.

Energy Florida also manages the Transportation, Energy and Space Technology Hub (TEST Hub), an innovative public-private partnership located at NASA's Kennedy Space Center that supports community-scale testing and demonstration of next-generation technologies across a range of applications.

Overall, Energy Florida builds partnerships to seize opportunities in specific segments of the U.S. energy industry, including:

• advanced materials and manufacturing processes for power generation equipment;
• bio-based products and fuels;
• energy efficiency financing solutions; and
• next-generation transportation solutions.

Through these industry-specific programs and connections to the unique resources and capabilities of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, local aerospace and defense contractors and other unique regional assets, Energy Florida is helping to build a new and sustainable foundation for America’s economic future.

More information about Energy Florida and its programs is available at

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