Energy Florida Members



Why You Need to Be a Member:

Membership in Energy Florida is an opportunity to join the effort to facilitate and drive energy-related economic development within Florida and the United States. We strive to build a dynamic, high growth and sustainable energy economy to accelerate the transformation of our state and the nation by redeploying our assets to new market opportunities in advanced energy solutions.
Energy Florida works closely with Space Florida, Enterprise Florida, the Florida Solar Energy Center, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida’s High-Tech Corridor Council, the Space Coast, Orlando and Palm Beach Economic Development Commissions, our research universities and many of our region’s leading innovative companies to build a vibrant energy sector and manufacturing economy throughout Florida and the Southeastern United States.
Join today to have your organization associated with local, state and national leaders in finance, education, research, manufacturing, energy, entrepreneurship and public policy.

Membership Benefits: Tangible Benefits

  • Free or discounted attendance at events
  • Access to advanced energy industry investors, attorneys and other professional services
  • Participate in the Strategic Action Plan working groups
  • Promote your organization’s activities and accomplishments on our blog and newsletter
  • Participate in meetings and communications with state and federal government officials

Intangible Benefits

  • Network with other advanced energy leaders and influencers
  • Develop hidden “new business”, investment and research opportunities
  • Influence, impact and educate policymakers
  • Participate in initiatives promoting economic growth, job creation and advanced energy industry development
  • Generate innovative ideas through interaction with energy experts
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to growing the nation's advanced energy economy

Membership Categories and Dues


Dues: $1,250 for firms <25 employees, $2,500 for 26+ emp.

Advanced energy service providers including legal, accounting, finance, project development, executive search, real estate and other professional service firms.


Dues: $300 for partner organizations

Closely affiliated organizations, especially other industry councils and associations with which we coordinate efforts and exchange resources and member benefits.

Educational Institutions

Dues: $300 for membership

Universities, Community Colleges and other educational institutions who provide resources and training in energy-related topics.


Dues: $100 for individual “booster” membership

Individuals are welcome to join Energy Florida as “booster” members, which will allow the member access to events but do not include other corporate benefits.